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Boost Your Productivity

Unleash peak mental power. Our bundle includes brain-boosting goodies like L-Tyrosine, Ginkgo Biloba, Cordyceps Mushroom, and more, to help keep you focused for enhanced productivity. 8, 9, 10

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Safeguard Your Mind

Harness the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant power of our ingredients to shield your brain cells, reduce inflammation, and boost cognitive function, reducing the risk of neurodegenerative diseases. 5, 6, 7

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Elevate Your Mood

Unleash the power of our bundled supplements to naturally elevate your mood, reduce stress, boost energy, and enhance sleep quality. Experience improved brain function, a strengthened immune system, and better blood sugar control as added benefits! 1, 2, 3, 4

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Brain Function Support
3 All-Natural Blends
High Quality, High Potency
No Fillers or Binders
Gluten-, Dairy-, & Soy-Free
3rd-Party Lab-Tested
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Frequently Asked Questions


For best results, we recommend taking each Cognitive Health Bundle supplement continuously as part of your daily routine. 

  • Cognitive Complex: Take 2 capsules daily, preferably with a meal.
  • Ashwagandha Complex: Take 1 capsule twice daily with food.
  • Turmeric Curcumin: Take 2 capsules daily, preferably with a meal.

If you have any concerns, consult a healthcare professional for proper use.


Bundling your supplements offers the advantages of convenience and cost savings while providing you with a dedicated set of supplements to support your health objectives.


Adults over 18 seeking improved cognitive health and general wellness support.


The all-natural ingredients included in our supplements are generally considered safe. However, if you have any concerns about side effects or are currently on medications, we recommend consulting with your healthcare physician before starting a new supplement regimen.


Our all-natural bundles are free of dairy, gluten, soy, and preservatives, and are non-GMO, so you can have peace of mind when you take them.


Our Cognitive Health supplements should be stored away from light and humidity. Make sure that the jar lids are fully sealed after each use.


Pattern Wellness prides itself on providing natural, clean products without using fillers, artificial sweeteners, or binders. 

Every order comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and has been rigorously tested for purity, safety, and effectiveness.

Fuel Your Mind, Naturally

Fuel Your Mind, Naturally

Experience the Benefits of Our Cognitive Health Bundle

Elevate your daily brain power with Pattern Wellness' Cognitive Health Bundle. This all-natural trio includes our Cognitive Complex, Ashwagandha Complex, and Turmeric Curcumin. A healthy brain means a healthy you! Invest in your pattern of wellness today.
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