Maca Root

Balance Your Mind & Boost Your Passion

  • Supports Sexual Health*
  • Boosts Energy & Mood*
  • Promotes Overall Wellness*
  • Unique Enhanced Tri-Color Blend
  • Vegan-Friendly Formulation
  • USA Manufactured
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Maca Root
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Our Benefits A mindfully sourced, science-backed formula with all the benefits & none of the fillers.
Sexual Health Support
Sexual Health Support Maca Root is well known for its ability to benefit sexual health. Studies have shown that Maca Root can benefit performance and enhance desire in daily life.*
Overall Wellness Support
Overall Wellness Support Studies have shown that Maca Root helps fight off free radicals and promotes whole-body wellness by boosting natural antioxidants throughout the body.*
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Energy & Mood Booster
Energy & Mood Booster When you feel better, you perform better. Maca Root has been shown to aid in increasing energy levels while also improving mood.*
Unique Tri-Color Blend
Unique Tri-Color Blend Our formula is uniquely enhanced. Featuring a premium black, red, and yellow maca blend, our Maca Root is crafted with a potent formula that is equivalent to 10,000 mg of Maca.
No Fillers or Binders
No Fillers or Binders We believe in clean products without using fillers, binders, or preservatives. That’s why you won’t find any additives in our Maca Root supplement - only a vegan-friendly, safe, and pure formula!
Simplified Formula
Simplified Formula We’ve made a simple, plant-based formula with you in mind. Our supplement is free from dairy, GMOs, gluten, and soy, perfect for those with dietary restrictions.
Hormonal Function Support for Women & Men
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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We offer a simple, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on our Maca Root. Love it, or your money back!

Money Back Guarantee
American Express
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How will you benefit from Pattern Wellness Maca Root? 
1 - 2 MONTHS+

Sexual Health & Desire

Over about 1 to 2 months, recent studies show that Maca Root progressively enhances sex drive, hormonal function, fertility, semen production in men, and reproductive health in both men and women.* After about 2 to 3 months, studies also show a decrease in sexual dysfunction in postmenopausal women.*
2 - 3 MONTHS+

Mood & Energy Boost

Intensive research case studies have shown that the daily intake of red or black maca improved mood, energy, symptoms of depression, and symptoms of anxiety after about 6 to 12 weeks.* After about 4 to 5 months, studies showed an uptick in sexual stamina among both men and women.*
3 - 6 MONTHS+

Overall Wellness Promoter

Studies have shown that over time, Maca Root can preserve cognitive function and motor coordination, increase wound healing, benefit skin health, and even ease anxiety and symptoms of menopause like hot flashes, irritability, sleep problems, and mood swings.*

Each Capsule of Maca Root Contains

Black Maca Extract 20:1
Black Maca Extract 20:1

for sexual health support for men*

Red Maca Extract 20:1
Red Maca Extract 20:1

for sexual health support for women*

Yellow Maca Extract 20:1
Yellow Maca Extract 20:1

for added nutrients, vitamins, and protein*

No Fillers or binders
No Fillers or binders

Clean products without using filters, binders, or preservatives

Our Ingredients Natural, Plant-Powered, & Made Just for You. 
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Black Maca Root Extract

Lepidium meyenii (Maca) is a biennial Peruvian plant native to the Andes Mountains. For over 2000 years, the Maca plant has been cultivated as a nutritional staple food and traditional medicine. Black Maca Root is considered the rarest type of Maca Root. Studies have shown that Black Maca Root is the most effective form for men, helping to boost muscle gain, endurance, mental focus, and even sperm count and sperm mobility.*

Red Maca Root Extract

According to experts, Red Maca Root has a high content of phytonutrients like alkaloids, tannins, saponins, and other bioactive compounds that are supportive of overall wellness. Red Maca Root is most commonly used to enhance vitality and mood in both men and women. Studies have shown that Red Maca is the most effective form for women due to its hormonal balancing effects combined with its benefits on bone density health.*

Yellow Maca Root Extract

Yellow Maca Root is the most common of the three, making up about 60% of all Maca Hypocotyls harvested in Peru. Yellow Maca contains mood-boosting flavonoids, plus nearly all essential amino acids and free fatty acids, vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, and C, and minerals like iron, magnesium, zinc, and calcium. Yellow Maca Root is most commonly used to support overall vitality and wellness, boost energy levels, enhance mood, increase focus and mental clarity, and even improve skin health.*
Our Core Values
Sexual Health Formula
Sexual Health Formula

Our easy-to-take Maca Root Supplement is crafted with an advanced formula that uses a potent, unique tri-color blend for maximum efficacy.

Pure Ingredients
Pure Ingredients

Keeping your body felling its best shouldn’t be hard; it should be as easy as it is natural. our supplements are formulated with this in mind - using the purest ingredients to support your overall health.

Made In The USA
Made In The USA

Our Maca Root is proudly manufactured in the USA.

Risk Free purchase! We offer a simple, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on our Maca Root. Love it, or your money back!

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About Us

Here at Pattern Wellness, we believe that you shouldn’t have to choose between high quality and convenience when it comes to your health. We came together to fulfill a need — produce superior quality products with natural, simple ingredients. Our premium products are made with the consumer in mind, no matter how active or busy your lifestyle is.

We are infinitely seeking ways in which we can help you make healthful improvements in your daily life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Maca Root beneficial?

- Maca Root has been used for centuries and has widely been used to help improve overall health, but studies have shown t is particularly helpful in supporting reproductive health and wellbeing. 

- Our Maca Root helps promote mood and wellness enhancement naturally and aids in boosting hormonal balance. 

How long should I take Maca Root?

For best results, we recommend taking our Maca Root continuously as part of your daily routine. If you have concerns, consult your physician. 

How should I take Pattern Wellness Maca Root?

Adults taking Maca Root should take 1 capsule twice daily with food.

How should I store this supplement?

Our Maca Root capsules should be stored away from light and humidity. Make sure that the jar lid is fully sealed after each use.

Is Pattern Wellness Maca Root vegan?

Yes, our Maca Root is vegan and is free of gluten, dairy, and soy.

Can I take this with other supplements?

Before adding a new supplement to your regimen, we encourage you to consult with your physician.

Does Pattern Wellness use fillers, binders, or artificial additives?

Pattern Wellness prides itself on providing natural, clean products without the use of fillers, binders, or any preservatives.