Do supplements still work if you miss a couple of days?

Do supplements still work if you miss a couple of days?

The Holiday season is always hectic. Between the last-minute gift shopping, scrambling to plan family get-togethers, and ensuring everyone is accounted for, it can be a frenzy of one thing after the other. 

Sticking to your daily regimens—eating the right foods, making sure you’re taking your supplements and medications, or even just getting enough sleep—can be quite a hassle during this time of the year. We get it! 

Curious to know how to stay on track as best as possible? What happens if you unintentionally skip a few days in your supplement routine? Keep reading to find out. 

I skipped a few days of my supplementsWhat happens? 

Okay, so you got super busy and you missed a few days of scheduled supplement doses. We’ve all been there!

First, let’s take a look at some basic supplement facts: 

  • You should never take a double dose or more than the recommended dosage of your supplements in order to “catch up.” There can be serious consequences to going above the recommended dosage of your supplements. There is such a thing as ‘too much of a good thing.’ For example, too much vitamin C or too much Zinc can cause nausea, diarrhea, and stomach cramps.[3]
  • Your body takes time to become seriously low in vitamins. Let’s face it—some days we end up reheating last night’s pasta for dinner just because of the time crunch, resulting in a lack of vitamins and minerals for that day. If you miss a few days of vitamin supplementation, you can make up for the lack of vitamins with your diet. Queue those leafy greens and yummy fruits. Not to worry, though—your body won’t become depleted of nutrition overnight. 
  • If you are pregnant, you need more vitamins and minerals. Specifically, you’ll need more iron, calcium, and folic acid in your diet to provide the proper care and nutrition to the growing fetus. This is why prenatal supplements are recommended for women during pregnancy or for those trying to conceive.[4]
  • Dietary needs vary from person to person. Everyone is different! If you have any questions or concerns when it comes to your supplement regimen, please always consult your doctor or physician for the proper guidance. According to recent research, it can take about 1 to 3 months of consistent supplementation to restore vitamin depletion due to a deficiency or nutritional gap. [1,2

  • So, what’s the deal?

    If you missed a couple of days in your supplement regimen, no need to fret! Missing a dietary supplement for one or more days is generally no cause for concern.[5,6] However, we always recommend talking with your primary care physician if you have any questions or concerns concerning your supplementation routine. 

    Take your scheduled dose as soon as you remember, but never take more than you need! Simply return to your normal dosing schedule when you forget. Make sure you have a scheduled time each morning to take your supplements so you stay on track.

    How can I continue to stay on track? 

    We’re so glad you asked!

    Here are a few tips and tricks to help you stay on track with not just your diet, but other essential routines and regimens this holiday season!

  • Be active with family and friends. When the holiday season rolls around, we all know how hard it is to keep to our diet and resist the urge to snack on all those pastries and home-cooked goodies. To keep the holiday weight gain at bay, try planning physical activities with your family and friends this season. It could be something as simple as a family walk after lunch or a fun hiking trip to bond with one another. 
  • Choose the right vitamins and supplements. Wondering where to start? We recommend our very own Pattern Wellness Multivitamin to begin. Our formula is made with 19 essential vitamins and minerals and carefully crafted with optimal levels of vitamin C, vitamin D, and a potent vitamin B complex that works synergistically with iron to support your metabolism, immune function, heart and brain health, and promote healthy energy levels. 
  • Set a timer for a specific time to go to bed each night. With the holiday bustle and hustle happening all around you, it’s inevitable that you’ll lose some sleep. It’s important to make getting enough quality sleep a priority! We need sleep. Lack of sleep takes a toll on pretty much every part of your body, from your heart to your brain to your immune system to your metabolism.[7,8,9] As an adult, you’ll want at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night. Sleep experts say that 9:00 to 10:00 PM is prime snooze time.
  • Make sure you are getting enough fruits and veggies every day. If you’ve missed a few days of your supplements, your body may be low on the necessary vitamins and minerals it needs to function properly. To counteract this, make sure you are getting the daily recommended amount of fruits and vegetables on a regular basis. Experts say that adults should consume 1.5–2 cup-equivalents of fruits and 2–3 cup-equivalents of vegetables daily.[10]
  • Keep an extra stash of your supplements in multiple places just in case. Out of sight and out of mind is a real thing! Be prepared—keep a pillbox handy. If you carry a bag or purse with you wherever you go, make sure your supplement pillbox is among the essentials you bring along with you just in case you forget to take them in the morning! Another best practice is to keep your supplements out where you can easily see them every day, like the kitchen counter instead of the cabinet. 
  • Have an accountability partner. If you live with someone else, ask them to check in with you occasionally to make sure you’re on track with your daily supplement routine. You can both even do it together—this is a great way for couples to bond as well. If you live on your own, shoot a text over to a friend or family member and ask if they’d like to join you in your pursuit of daily health and wellness. Ask if they’d be okay with checking in with you daily either in person, over text, or over a phone call to make sure you took your supplements!

    What other supplements should I include in my routine?

    If you’re curious about other essential nutrients that can boost your daily health, check these out. 


    Our Pattern Wellness Probiotic helps to promote healthy gut flora. Why is that important, you ask? The simple answer is that science tells us we need to have a balance of the “friendly” bacteria in the gut for things like [11,12]: 

  • Healthy weight maintenance 
  • Digestive support and wellness
  • Enhanced immune function
  • Healthy, glowy skin
  • Reduced risk of some diseases
  • Enhanced cognitive function 

  •  Moral of the story: A happy gut is a healthy gut! Our naturally sourced Pattern Wellness Probiotic contains 51 billion colony-forming units (CFUs) from 11 probiotic strains. This carefully formulated blend works in harmony with your body to support your immune and gut health. 

    Organic Garlic

    Yes, we said garlic! Garlic contains compounds like allicin, which research shows can protect against the common cold, boost the immune system, reduce blood pressure and support heart health, and even improve cholesterol levels.[13,14

    Our extra-strength premium Organic Garlic supplement harnesses the impressive power of allicin from the Allium Sativum to support whole-body health and overall wellness.

    Collagen Peptides

    For some serious hair, skin, nail, and joint support, we crafted a formula with premium ingredients to ensure you know exactly what you’re taking. Our Collagen Peptides are dairy-free, Paleo, and Keto-friendly, and our proprietary blend dissolves super easily. Just add it to your favorite beverage and drink up!

    Ready to transform your health? Click here to get started with everyday feel-good supplements carefully crafted just for you!


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